NFL preseason kicks off across America


Courtesy of: Sports Illustrated

Scott Harris, Staff Reporter

On Thursday, August 12 the National Football League officially kick-started its preseason with a match between the Washington Football Team and the New England Patriots. So far in the long-awaited preseason audiences have seen drafted prospects make attempts to prove their talent in front of a full crowd. The rookies football fans have been eager to see include New York Jets’ Zach Wilson (a draftee from the University of Pennsylvania), Jacksonville Jaguars’ Trevor Lawrence, Chicago Bears’ Justin Fields, and many more players.

There was a very special aspect to this preseason of the NFL because of the game that was played at the Professional Football Hall of Fame between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Dallas Cowboys as a ceremonial event for the newest of inductees. Apart from the Hall of Fame games, there is the sight of a New Orleans Saints team without Drew Brees, fans can see WR Julio Jones on the Tennessee Titans, and a Los Angeles Rams team with their new quarterback, former Detroit Lion Matthew Stafford. With these transactions and signings made with these household name players, fans see a brand new mentality for the National Football League as teams prepare for the regular season.

With the brand new preseason and season, comes a sight football fans have wanted to see in over a year- a packed football stadium for all NFL teams. According to, “the entire NFL has been approved to have stadiums at full capacity for the upcoming NFL campaign.” This means that football’s most dedicated fans can finally return to their teams, though some stadiums may recommend facial mask wearing amid certain US state’s COVID-19 protocols, so fans should get ready for this season. It’s gonna be interesting.