Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Zero to Hero

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Zero to Hero

David Bills, Sports Reporter

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Zero to Hero

 David Bills

Sports Reporter

It is no secret that Tampa Bay is an absolute hotbed for sports right now with all of Rays’ baseball, Lightning’s hockey, and now Buccaneers’ football all making an appearance in the finals this year. Tampa Bay sports are in the most elite shape that they ever have been. With Super Bowl 45 creeping around the corner, it is only natural to shed some light on the Buccaneers and what has led to their rapid climb from team zero to team hero.

Going from a seven and nine losing record to and eleven and five winning regular season record in one offseason is quite the feat. It’s no question that the biggest change that happened to the Bucs’ during the offseason was the arrival of NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady, and along with him, future first round ballot Hall of Famer Rob Gronkowski. This dynamic duo was traded all the way from New England and had already won multiple championships together. Along with these world class players, the Buccaneers also acquired new leadership through Head Coach Bruce Arians who retired from coaching in 2017 due to severe health scares. Upon his return to the NFL with his new team in Tampa Bay, Arians did not come back to play footsies. For the 2020 season, the Bucs’ meant business. 

The incoming talent did not change the team’s strong foundation that had already been set in previous seasons. Defense finished the 2019 season at 14th in the league while the offense struggled at 23rd. However, this past season the defense has finished 6th overall and the offense at 3rd overall. The real question is why did the team jump from a below average team overall to one of the best in the nation? The only logistical answer is: leadership. The new leadership of the offense by 6 time Super Bowl winning quarterback Tom Brady and Head Coach Arians, and new defensive coordinator, Todd Bowles leading the defense have given the players no other choice than to rise to the challenge and win the second superbowl in franchise history. 

As the Super Bowl creeps around the corner the big game keeps many in suspense, however it would be no surprise if the Buccaneers pull together as they have been for the entirety of this season and win the second Super Bowl for the franchise, the first in nearly two decades and the very first to be played at Tampa.