Class of 2020 announces postgraduate plans

Class of 2020 announces postgraduate plans

Riley Hazel, Editor-in-Chief

As the school year closes out, certainly in an unexpected way, the class of 2020 is gearing up to enter adulthood. Many are moving on to college, the military, and the workforce. Keep reading to see where the ℅ 2020 is headed and their thoughts on WSHS.

Austin Dixon

“After high school I plan on attending Seminole State College for two years and transferring to the University of North Florida.” Dixon enjoyed attending football games with the band and participating in band related events. Dixon furthered with advice to underclassmen. “[Do not] be afraid to put yourself out there and meet new people.”

Mia Fernandez

After high school, Fernandez has hopes to become an ultrasound technician. When asked what she will miss most about WSHS, she replied with, “Mainly the staff. You have Deputy Richardson and Corey, who I’d always talk with and who [would] always be around if I needed to get something off my chest. You have Clark who was always goofy but always looked out for students safety and made sure students were okay. You have teachers like Mr. Parker who would forever hold that spot of being my favorite teacher. Then there’s teachers like Ms. Hyman who brought me to the ASL community and really opened my eyes about ASL. Then there’s Ms. Grey and Ms. Wheeler who would always be around for a great talk and always gave good advice and helped when I needed help with other classes, when they didn’t have to. [Lastly], there’s Dr. Vickers, we didn’t start off on a good start, however, she always made sure that her students were good no matter what, she interacted with us the most and actually cared about her students.”

Gerard Dufault

Dufalt has plans to attend Seminole State College and continue his part-time job at an auto shop. “I am going to miss the time with all my friends in the morning before class starts.”

Madeline Guzman

“I am planning to attend UCF,” Guzman says. She continues with, “Being a student at WSHS has taught me to be diligent and always focus in class and turn my work in on time.”

Jadiel Martinez

“My plans after high school are to go to college and to study to become a nurse.” Martinez followed with, “I will also be playing baseball at the college I’m attending.”Being a student at Winter Springs has taught me that there [are] different type[s] of people and you have to try to understand them.”

Jacqueline St. Pierre

St. Pierre has committed to the University of Florida in the fall with a planned major in Business Management. St. Pierre continued with, “I’m going to miss the culture! My teachers and peers have created an environment that is supportive, fun, and definitely spirited!” When asked what she will miss most, St. Pierre replied with, “I’m going to miss the silly moments in class, but it’s that genuine care for each other that I’ll miss the most.”She ended with, “Being a bear has taught me to be brave enough to go after opportunities, while showing grateful to those who helped me get there.”

Hope Matschner

“I am going to Iona College in New York to play Division 1 volleyball and study psychology.” When asked what WSHS has taught her, Matschner replied with, “Being a student at WSHS has…taught me how to step out of my comfort zone and maybe ask a question everybody knows. It has taught me that no matter the result, people will like me for who I am not if I’m good at something. Lastly, it has taught me to demand perfectionism for myself. Not saying I have to be perfect, but to give everything I do…Mr. Johnson himself says that almost everyday in his class and from taking his class all four years, it’s stuck with me.”

Jailiz Ledezma

Ledezma has plans to get a job and save money up before attending college. “I’m definitely going to miss drumline and the adventures with them.” She continued with, “Being a student has taught me that even if there is drama involved, there [are] so many sides to the story. Diverse views and tastes- it’s like your first dip into the adult world.”