An in-depth conference with WSHS football players


Photo by Anthony Rivera

JV Football Team is more than a score.

Sara-James Ranta, Layout/Design Manager

This story was originally published in the first issue of The Bear Truth (October 11, 2019).

High school football. In itself, it’s America’s most renowned clichè. Depicted in entertainment, books and even your local news station, high school football is something almost everyone is aware of. However, it comes to say that the only part of high school football we hear about is the scores. How about the players? You might know them, both JV and varsity, but what are they all about? 

So firstly, why did they join the football team? 

Jackson Doss (12th) “This was my last year to join, and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.” 

Emanuel Rushing (11th) “It’s my passion.”

What do they like about the football team? 

Patrick Maximenko (12th) “You have a family that you have all the time no matter where you go.”

Nathan Cortes (11th) “I’m close with all the players and the coaches are really cool.”

Kyle Matteoni (10th) “Everyone has each other’s backs.”

What is the feeling they get on the field? 

Jayson Luther (12th) “It’s very humbling, very exciting. I don’t show it much, but it definitely gets my adrenaline going.” 

Jake Fowler (12th) “There’s nothing like it. You can’t really describe it in words, it’s a feeling like no other.”

Luke Morgan (12th) “I feel great when I’m on the field, especially when there’s a good crowd.” 

Why do they keep playing football?

Zach Harris (11th) “It’s something I’ve always enjoyed doing, it teaches me to be a better person and a better athlete.” 

Guillermo Rodriquez Maldonado (12th) “It’s been a part of my life since I was six. I can’t live without it honestly.”

What’s the biggest value they’re taking from being on this team? 

Ethan Cortes (11th) “Being able to learn from other people.” 

Luke Morgan (12th) “Leadership.”

Aiden Reichert (10th) “Working together and overcoming adversity.” 

Dylan Deal (10) “How to bond with others on a personal level?”

Which is more important: gaining friendships or winning?

Ethan Alter (10th) “I think it’s about playing with the team whether or not you lose or win.” 

Matthew Mcmillion (11th) “Winning because you can gain friendships out of winning.”

What would they say to a young pop warner kid in middle school who wants to play for high school?

Josh Rosicka (12th) “Don’t take any time for granted and just have fun with it.”

Davis Deal (10th) “Don’t get intimidated by other people.”

So to wrap it up, it’s not just about how well the football players compete. In this case, it’s about who they are as a team. As a school, it’s important to support your sports teams through thick and thin. They’re more than a score. Go bears!