WSHS Water Polo Plays First Games



Riley Hazel, Lead Staff Writer

Water Polo season has officially begun at Winter Springs High School. Both the boy’s and girl’s teams started off with their first game against Timber Creek on Wednesday night at Lake Brantley’s Aquatic Center.

Both teams played a tough battle with Timber Creek but were ultimately defeated with a strong offense.

By the end of the game, the girls had scored five points, while Timber Creek scored eight. The girls played with a strong sense of demeanor and pushed to the end of the game.

Ale Garcia who played set scored her first goal of the night.

Bernadette Freeman, captain of the girl’s team had this to say:

“Everyone did amazing [during the game]. I can’t wait to see how much the team grows this season.”

The boy’s team had a strong start to the game but was quickly overturned by Timber Creek’s deceiving offense. The score was 3-16 by the end of the night.

Colby Smith also made his first goal of the season Wednesday night. Asher Deberry made several goals that night as well.

Micheal Deger, a player on the boy’s water polo team said, “Once [the team] gets the flow of the game down, we will be a team to beat. While we may have lost, everyone played awesome.”

The girl’s team will take part in a tournament this weekend at Lake Nona High School. Their first game was against Bishop Moore High School on Thursday night. The night ended with the score 1-10 leaving Bishop Moore with the win.

The girls go on to play another two games on Friday night and Saturday afternoon.

Both teams are excited to get back in the routine of things as well gain some wins this season. Both teams continue to remain hopeful for the season despite losing.