Good Burger 2 set to release soon


Donovan Lee, Staff Reporter

The movie that people have most likely forgotten about Good Burger has been dusted off and renewed for a sequel. Many are happy to see this monumental movie come back to life, and are excited to see their favorite characters once again on the big screen. Since 1997, Good Burger had not been in theaters and slowly the fans started to find other movies but recently we got a little blast from the past. The two stars Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchel went on the popular show The Tonight show and announced that Good Burger 2 is in progress and is set to release sometime in 2024 or by the end of this year. The fans are so excited that at one point they made a viral hashtag called #Welcometogoodburger. For the many who have not heard of the once popular movie Good Burger it’s a silly extended skit of a show called All That in which a dimwitted employe by the name of Ed gets into an accident with a boy named Dexter’ who had stolen his moms car for a joy ride then gets a job at good burger where Ed works then they try to take down a new competitor across the street in funny and wacky ways.


It is also highly recommended by both the fans and critics. The movie expectations are high, but there is one thing people are worried about. An actor and director Dan Schneider has been in a lot of controversy in recent years. Multiple accusations left many unhappy and led him to retirement. When Good Burger 2 was announced people were wondering how Dan Schneider’s retirement would affect production seeing how he directed the first movie and if he would be making an appearance. Thankfully the two main characters Ed and Dexter have been confirmed to be making a return in the sequel. So with the many fans ready for the return of this once famous movie there might be a little bit of controversy due to the fact the movie will be released on Paramount+.