Varsity Volleyball faces off South Lake Eagles

Allie Nichols, Editor-In-Chief

Before their game even started, the Varsity team displayed their school spirit by acting as a mini-student section for the JV girls. When the Varsity game was about to begin, Principal Pete Gaffney enthusiastically gathered all the students to the front and center to cheer on their school. The team was down two players, but that didn’t stop them from sweeping South Lake. Senior Ashley Tremboli sang the National Anthem before the game commenced. 

The starting lineup was Kalyn Morgan (2), Lauren Klingenberg (6), Phyllis Flatley(8), Mady Daugherty (10), Kendall Sines (11), and Payton Busker (12). The South Lake Eagles served and won the first point. After a kill from Daughtery, the score was 3-1 in favor of the Bears. After a series of casual volleys, the score was 7-12, but after a South Lake member served the ball out of bounds, Winter Springs earned its eighth point. Two main voices rose from the student section: senior Patrick Akins and sophomore Zeke Register. They eagerly prompted the students to stand as a show of support, and every one obliged.

Toward the middle of the game after a serve from Busker, South Lake sent the ball over the net with a gentle tip. Sines readily dove for the ball but could not save it. The scoreboard read 10-15. The match was not looking great for the Bears as the Eagles had a consistent four point lead, but at the first timeout, though, the score was 21-23. After three intense volleys, the Bears were only one point away from a win. The student section lifted pointer fingers to the ceiling and stood with anticipation. After a great play, the Bears won the first round 25-23.

Round two was quick yet action packed, at least for the WSHS girls. The Bears won the first two points before South Lake got the ball, but it didn’t last. (Aces and kills and Bears, oh my!) By the first timeout of the round, the score was 10-3. The serves from our team members were swift and confident. However, on some occasions even a perfect serve couldn’t stop the Eagles from gaining a point here and there, but the Bears had a lead of at least five points the entire time. South Lake was scrambling to keep it together by the time the score was 19-13. At one point, number 9 Carola Negron was on the floor with number 3 Alysha Morales; both diving to save a stray ball, but the other side won the point. It didn’t count in the end, though, for the home team ended up winning the second round 25-19. 

The starting lineup for the third set was 1, 2, 4, 6, 10, and 11. Coach Jenifer Mallard from the sidelines cheered and critiqued her girls. Throughout the set, Daugherty number 10, successfully blocked almost all volleyball hits from coming over the net. At the first timeout the score was 12-7. The Bears had great communication. Number 12 was diving on the floor ready to receive the pass over the net. The South Lake girls, however, missed a ball that landed in the middle of the court making the score 18-13. Soon at a time out, 22-19 lit up the scoreboard. At one point from winning the round, the student section held up their pointer fingers to the ceiling, and the Bears won 25-20.  Players and fans went home and maybe stopped at Huey Magoo’s, satisfied with a clean sweep win.