Kirby gets its first 3-D game


Courtesy of IGN

Kai Li Howard, head copy editor

The loveable pink puffball returns in its first 3-D game; Kirby and the Forgotten Land has made its appearance exclusively on the Switch console. The initial release date was said to be on March 3, but got pushed back to March 25 when it was then launched to the public. This new game was developed by HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo, similarly to the previous Kirby games. As it’s thirty-fifth game of the franchise, it takes the traditional 2-D look and transitions into 3-D. Many speculated that it would be open-world due to the trailers, but that however was not the case.

The game sold over 38 million copies worldwide, breaking best-selling game records in both Japan and the United Kingdom. It begins with Kirby landing on an unfamiliar beach in which Waddle Dees, who first appeared in Kirby’s Dream Land back in 1992, are being kidnapped by the inhabited monsters and the Beast Pack. The Beast Pack are a group of bosses that Kirby has to fight to ascend levels and save the Waddle Dees. While rescuing, the player gets to explore the abandoned island while completing hidden tasks and discovering secrets. 

Kirby’s signature inhale ability along with the power to copy enemy abilities can be found in every game in the franchise; however, a new twist was introduced. One of the game’s trailers found on YouTube gave the viewers its first look into Kirby’s Mouthful Mode. This new feature allows Kirby to inhale and use inanimate objects. Some of these objects include a car, vending machine, cones, and more. Furthermore, Kirby and the Forgotten Land also has a co-op feature in which two players locally can connect and play together, the second player will fight as a Waddle Dee whose weapon is a spear. This multiplayer aspect can be seen in other games such as Kirby Star Allies

Many fans have already completed Kirby and the Forgotten Land (its estimated time of completion being 10-15 hours) and with the game’s huge success, Kirby-lovers anticipate what’s in store for the future of the franchise.