Kylie Jenner Changes Baby Name


Courtesy of: E! Online

Lily Mendez, Web Editor


Kylie Jenner gave birth to her son on February 2 and named him Wolf Jacques Webster. A lot of people were not fans of this name. Others could not really decide whether or not they liked the name. Was it cool or was it weird? 

This did not last long though since Jenner announced that they were going to change the baby’s name. Jenner says that the reason they changed the baby’s name was, “We just really didn’t feel like it was him. Just wanted to share because I keep seeing Wolf everywhere.”  Fans believe that Jenner changed it because her former friend, Tammy Hembrow, kept accusing her of copying her son’s name, but Jenner has not said anything more about that. 

Jenner also changed her daughter’s name a week after giving birth. Originally Jenner had picked “Stormie” with an”-ie” at the end. Everything they had bought for Stormi had been engraved with that name. But when she went to officially finalize the name for the birth certificate, she told them to spell it S-T-O-R-M-I. Jenner says that it was just an in the moment decision. So Jenner changing her son’s name is not too surprising. 

With Jenner’s announcement about changing Wolf’s name, it has caused many name rumors to go around all over social media. One popular guess for the name is Angel. Angel was one of the names that fans had originally thought the baby’s name was gonna be even throughout Jenner’s pregnancy. Another name is Jack, which would be short for Jacques, his original middle name and father’s birth name. Other names are Rainbow, Rainy, Astro.

There is a Twitter account under the name of @Mr_Angel.J who claims they know what Kylie and Travis are naming their baby. Although there is no proof about who runs the account, fans speculate that it is Mason Disick, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick’s son. This is because he has a history of creating secret social media accounts and revealing sensitive information. The name that this account has revealed as the baby’s new name is, Knight Jacques Webster. Knight and Stormi seem to go well together and Jacques would make sense to still be his middle name. 

During a Live with Kelly and Ryan interview, Kim Kardashian was asked about this situation and she says that Jenner might not have even settled on a name yet. But she did mention, “There is one name, I think, lingering, but she really wants to make sure. It’s such a really big decision. Honestly, it’s the hardest thing ever in life is to name a child,” she said. “When I had my kids, I didn’t name them until they were born. You really want to see what they look like. When I would hear people do that, I would say, ‘How do you not be prepared for that? You have nine months to think about this.’ But no matter what, it’s just the hardest decision ever and I feel for them.”