COD Developer News

Jason Yarmy, Staff Reporter

For those who don’t know, Treyarch is one of the three main Call of Duty developer studios. Treyarch has made the Black Ops series and the zombies mode for the most recent Call of Duty called Vanguard. Due to the lack of success with Call of Duty: Vanguard and the peaking interest in Call of Duty: Cold War, the Treyarch team has been ordered to split into two so one can work on Vanguard for the rest of its DLC (downloadable content) season and the other half is sent to work on Cold War for a second DLC season. Fans are excited for both as there seems to be a lot of positive changes supposedly being made.

First, Vanguard is getting major updates in terms of multiplayer and zombies. Multiplayer will stay just about the same but with minor balancing improvements and new maps. The zombies mode however is getting major changes in the form of everything. From weapons updates to overall balancing to game mode style in general. The biggest and most wanted change is the switch from objective-based maps and game modes to classic styled round-based zombies maps where you survive as long as you can on a specific and unchanging map with specific boundaries while objective-based is usually switching between maps and doing objectives on the given maps that are randomized.

There is a similar mode in Cold War which is the other Call of Duty game being updated. Cold War is expected to receive new maps, weapons, and bug/balance fixes in multiplayer and zombies. Everything will be normal additions in terms of multiplayer and new maps for zombies will come in the form of Outbreak maps which is the objective-based mode on Cold War zombies. Treyarch also teased a secret addition to the game which would grant permanent rewards for every zombies game played after completion. In Call of Duty zombies, this is referred to as a “super easter egg” which is awarded by doing all of the main quests in any maps or modes that are fully released. It was a simple click of a button while on a specific Outbreak map which made you permanently have an increased starter weapon rarity when the player spawns into a new game. The community was very underwhelmed but there is still more to come with a new mystery arising with a new interactable item in every Outbreak map. Hopefully, something to hold off the Call of Duty community’s boredom until the next Call of Duty titled Modern Warfare 2 releases later this year.