Apple Files New Patent


Courtesy of Apple

Nathan Burgos, Web Editor

Apple has filed a patent for a device that can attach to the iPhone magnetically. The title of the patent is “Magnetically Attachable Gaming Accessory.” By the name and pictures it seems that it will most likely be something like a gaming controller.

The filing for the patent described it to “readily attach to an electronic device, can be easy to use, and can have a small and efficient form factor.” It also described that the device could be attached to the device or used separately. This seems a lot like the Nintendo Switch, because of the way the controllers can be used, and it seems to be a handheld device. From the name on  the patent, Apple will be using magnets to attach it to the device, which is probably going to be magsafe. 

One of the images from the patent shows that it could have built in projectors. This would be better for users because it would allow access to a much bigger display. It is something that has not been seen before. This could beat the Switch for versatility, especially since the device can be stored just in your pocket wherever you go. 

The controller is the most exciting part because it shows that Apple is finally getting into the gaming industry. After this controller comes out, other gaming products are likely to come out later, including hopefully a gaming console, or maybe this controller will be coming out at the same time as a console. 

Just because Apple has filed this patent, it does not mean that it will definitely be created. It is just an idea that they will start testing, and fans of Apple products can look forward to in the future.