Junior Optimist Club

Courtesy of Zoe Chu

Courtesy of Zoe Chu

Aislinn Jones

The Junior Optimist Club is a volunteer club that helps the school and the community. The club members meet every other Tuesday from 2:30 p.m to 3:15 p.m, creating ideas to help Winter Springs as well as the school. Ell Samara, a new member to the JOI club, stated, “I joined because one of my friends was already in the club and I wanted to up my volunteer hours.” 

The JOI (Junior Optimist Club) club can look good on college applications with all of the volunteering hours while benefiting the community and our school all at once. Samara also said,  “We do a lot of volunteer work, that’s kind of what the club is all about. We get events throughout the week and if we do them we can raise our volunteer hours. Not to mention we do stuff for the school, like our bear-frog on campus.” The bear-frog in particular was a project that the club was given by the school to paint to represent their club. It is located on campus where the other bear statues are.

The club’s volunteering is helping people raise money for certain projects and helping the school become more reanimated. Their every other Tuesday meeting is held in Ms. Curran’s room, 6-208. The JOI club is a smaller club with around 10 members, but they are looking to expand and become a bigger group in the future. 

Overall, the Junior Optimist Club looks to be a very helpful and generous club, which supports many students in their volunteering endeavors. The different types of volunteering events are endless and help expose students to new environments, which will help students prepare for the real world in the soon to be future.