Coach Dycus Named Head Coach of Bears Football


Courtesy of: Peter Gaffney

Scott Harris, PR manager

Winter Springs athletics named Mr. Tim Dycus the head coach of the football program. After coaching for 25 years and multiple interviews with various schools, Coach Dycus finally got his first shot at being the head coach.

Dycus felt “extremely honored” about his brand new role and believes that his journey is important to tell his players because he said “when one door closes another one opens, and you keep fighting. If I gave up, I would not have been named the head coach at WSHS.” Coach Dycus wants to assure a greater team morale by providing players with stronger bonding opportunities. He said, “We will have team activities during spring and summer like bowling, roller skating, team meals, and beach day just to name a few. I feel it is very important to have those kinds of activities to bring your team together.”

When asked about the future of the Winter Springs football program, Dycus wants to “bring back pride” in bears football and he wants to achieve a community atmosphere where people want to come to the school or even join football. Coach Dycus described an excellent football player one that builds “dedication and belief” and thinks that “if you do not believe in yourself, then no one else will.”

Though Dycus was the active offensive coordinator prior to his promotion, the aspect of football that he loves the most is “the competition, strategy, and most of all working with young players to make them better as people and football players.  Also, in the huddle no one cares what race you are, if you are rich or poor, it is a total team sport.” The three words that Dycus describes his “band of brothers” are “family, loyalty, and truth.