Dylan Salisbury Spotlight


Photo by Dylan Sailsbury

Ben Huber, Sports Editor

Junior Dylan Salisbury prides himself on being an exemplary student at Winter Springs High School and is enjoying his first year after transferring from Winter Park High School last year. His favorite subject is history because “learning about things from the past is interesting.” Although his favorite subject is history, his favorite teacher is Mr. Adamson due to his funny jokes and personable tone. His hobbies are playing video games and running, and he loves “staying in shape.” Every few weeks he even runs in 5 and 10k’s around the central Florida area, hoping to set more personal records and improve his skills. After high school, Dylan plans on attending the University of Florida to become an insurance broker because it’s “interesting and pays well.” As it stands now Dylan is pretty confident he can get into UF, and he is excited to graduate and enter into college life.