Winter Wonderland Parade


By Shaina Kaprow

Shaina Kaprow, Staff Reporter

On Saturday, December 4, the city of Winter Springs showed its holiday spirit at the 39th Annual Holiday Parade. This lively event was followed shortly by the 16th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting. The parade showcased many different parts of the community, including the WSHS Band of Gold, city officials, and local businesses. 

Furthermore, these amazing businesses and groups helped bring holiday spirit by decorating floats in various winter themes that also showcased their businesses. Candy was thrown to the cheering crowd filled with people of all ages gathered together for this holiday event. They did this while riding in decorated floats and intended to bring some cheer to the tons of people gathered along the parade route that extended from Keeth Elementary to Magnolia Square Fountain at the Winter Springs Town Center. Sean Bowmer, a spectator of the parade, talked about how he “enjoyed the positive atmosphere with lots of music and great interactions with volunteers and vendors.” These opportunities allowed the residents of the area an entertaining time, and an opportunity to interact with each other.

Following the parade, the crowd gathered around the unlit Christmas tree and wandered through booths as sunset came, awaiting the annual Christmas tree lighting. Various vendors, such as Advent Health, Texas Roadhouse, and more,  were gathered in the area showing off products, and getting the community interested in the business. Food vendors showcased their treats to the people until it was eventually time for the tree lighting. Eliana Jarez, a sophomore at WSHS and member of the band, elaborated on the event where she said that it “brought people together and closer to the spirit of Christmas.”

The tree lighting included the arrival of Santa and Winter Springs Mayor, Kevin McCann. They lit up the tree, dazzling the waiting crowd and delighting the children in the waiting crowd. Jaydyn Kelsey, a senior at WSHS and spectator of both the parade and tree lighting, stated that “[she loves] being a part of [her] community.” Kelsey further stated, “after a hard year and a half the community has been waiting for a time to come together to enjoy the parade and celebrate the revival of the communal spirit of the city during a time of year that symbolizes just that.” The holiday season and this annual gathering have given this community the opportunity to end and start off the year together with a sense of community.