Cytonic: Book Review


Courtesy of Brandon Sanderson:

Victoria Tirado, Staff Reporter

The prolific writer Brandon Sanderson has finished his third novel in the Skyward Series. According to google, the two preceding books in the science-fiction genre garnered a 97 and 96 percent approval by readers.  Expectations were high for Cytonic.  The book starts out with the main protagonist, Spensa, where she has just escaped with doomslug (her snail buddy) from The Superiority- the governing galactic alliance which plans to start a galaxy wide war. In addition, Spensa has discovered that she is Cytonic; however, she is still unsure what she is, and what her exact powers are. Even though Spensa sees herself only as a pilot, she could be much more when she sees something that could change the entire galaxy, and potentially cause her to become the savior of the galaxy. However, to find out what she saw Spensa has to enter the Nowhere- A place where many have perished; a place  she knows nothing about.

    In this new adventure installment, The Nowhere serves as the locus for the harvesting of their vital activity stone which allows spaceships to travel.  The feared delvers

inhabit Nowhere and are vexed that  Spensa has trespassed on their land.  The adventure packed novel has Spensa searching for a way to return home as she desperately wants to save her home from doom. The fast paced adventure includes bands of pirates and offers insights as well as explanations regarding Spensa’s powers.  All the while, Spensa battles the unrelenting Delvers while  joining forces with new allies.

        Unlike the other two novels, Cytonic does not offer much insight into the war engulfing the outside galaxy.  Rather, the latest novel presents new characters and takes place exclusively in Nowhere.  Nonetheless, the reader is enthralled with the action adventure.  Spensa in her quest to uncover what she is  must battle the Nowhere, if she is to save the galaxy.  With help from Chet Starfinder, a human explorer, Spensa engages in battle in the Nowhere.  As the story unfolds, Spensa discovers that Cytonic was actually a mutation resulting from nowhere and somewhere overlapping.  In an unexpected twist, it is revealed that the delvers are a form of artificial intelligence.  At the end of Cytonic, Spensa teleports to Detritus.  The reader is left yearning for the next book. What will now happen on Detritus?  Will the galaxy be obliterated?