Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Oettl


Photo by:Aubree Shaw

Aubree Shaw, Staff Reporter

Mr. Kurt Oettl is a social studies teacher and girls varsity soccer coach here at Winter Springs High School. When interviewed via email, he said that he has “been teaching for 18 years, all at WSHS” and “had a career in aerospace planning/scheduling prior to teaching”. When asked about his favorite part of teaching, Mr. Oettl said, “I really enjoy the different personalities of my students.  Each day is different because you never know what mood I’ll be in and the mood of the kids.  Their personalities show in different ways each day.” When teaching his two different subjects, AP Human Geography and Economics/Financial Literacy, he tries “to incorporate videos with instruction, along with partner work, projects, etc.  In AP Human Geography, there’s a lot of writing to teach and work on.  In Economics/Financial Literacy, I really like going into the Financial Literacy side, helping students learn to handle their money!” He says that his hopes for his students are “that seniors go out into the world next year, whether it’s college or the working world, and are successful in doing what they love to do.  Find something they are interested in and make a living doing that.  For my freshmen, I want to help them navigate high school, get involved, and make the next 4 years memorable.  Hopefully, I see a lot of them again when they are seniors!”