Renewable Energy Honors Society


Photo by: Allie Nichols

Allie Nichols, Editor-in-Chief

Renewable Energy Honors Society is an upcoming club that aims to better the world around it, starting with their school, for as their motto says, “renewable energy is the future.” The sponsor is Dave Johnson. They aspire to help the school and community be more conscious about energy and waste decisions. The club is inspiring, convivial, and collaborative. They meet every Monday. Applications come every year, and students are emailed if they are accepted. The members shared their thoughts, best memories, and goals for the society. 

The president of the honors society Ashton Grace stated, “REHS mainly works on recycling for the school and going to events to promote a sustainable community and get people to sign up for the renewable energy courses.” So far this year the team has worked to “set up a solar powered Wii and race cars for the tailgate…run a float for the [homecoming] parade, a game for the luau, and power ‘Flick on the Field.’” He noted that his favorite memory was driving around the club’s solar-powered cart and setting up Flick on the Field.

Zach DeFabarizio is the vice president, and he’s in the club because “Our amazing sponsor Mr. Johnson does a wonderful job making everyone in the club excited and ready to go out and help the earth.” He affirmed that they clean up recycling every Monday to keep the school clean. DeFabrizio looks forward to leading the club so the members have fond memories of the society. He then recalled his favorite memory of making the ping pong table for the luau, “We were all laughing and having a good time while also testing out ideas and a cool concept.”

The treasurer Diya Patel is in REHS because, according to her, “It is up to us to make our future better than what we are at today. By contributing to REHS, I am developing ideas for our future because we cannot just depend on fossil fuels.”  Her favorite memory was when some members of the club ran through the Spirit tunnel before the football players at tailgate. Patel then spotlighted the sponsor saying, “Not only does he look after the club, he looks after all the members and officers. This club is where it’s at right now only because of him, so a big thanks to him and RatCat.”

Emily Pearson, secretary of the honors society, recollected how they provided power for Flick on the Field using the solar panels linked to the classroom. She also stated, “In most normal years REHS would participate in the middle school STEM nights to introduce kids to renewable energy.” She’s in the club due to her own long-term interest in the topic as well as Mr. Johnson’s fun personality. Pearson fondly remembered the day she properly learned how to connect a battery to a solar panel with her peers. 

The publicity chair of REHS Ava Grace said, she is surrounded by “a fun environment with all the people and projects,” and continued on to say that “at the same time we’re spreading the message of what we stand for and making the world a better place.” She really enjoyed how everyone worked together to piece together ideas for the luau games at this year’s All Fired Up. She most looks forward to “expos at other schools and places to spread renewable energy.” This honors society is preparing to take on and change the world, one day at a time, one piece of plastic at a time.