All About Athos


Photo by Julie Athos

Nathan Burgos, Web Editor

This year marks Mrs. Athos’ seventh year of teaching. Athos first chose to teach because of her love of photography. She was working as a freelance photographer, but wanted something more. 

She wanted to share her knowledge. It also helped that she would be on the same schedule as her own children.

Athos teaches drawing and photography. She says, “Students should take my classes if they are interested in learning more about the subject and want to deepen their current knowledge. If they like it, they should continue for their whole high school career.”

She also has an after school club that she is a co-sponsor for. It is called Kappa Pi which is the  National Art Honor Society. It is an honors club that is necessary to be invited by an art instructor to get in. So, it is required to be in an art class in order to be nominated.

Athos’ favorite job was with the Publicity Department at Universal Studios. She also spent many years working as a Photo Editor for a magazine in Miami.

Athos is a big photoshop nerd. She says, “I could edit for hours. I also love to draw and can stay up all night on my latest creations. I love zombies and post-apocalyptic themed shows and movies.”

Her favorite thing about teaching is introducing new ideas and knowing that the students are actually excited to learn about it. There are so many new concepts in photography and drawing to show the students. She also enjoys that some students take her class all four years of high school. “It really gives me a chance to connect and help them develop their own style in art.”