New Disney WandaVision TV show on Disney+


Photo Courtesy of: Vulture

Lakshmi Katravulapalli, Staff Reporter

WandaVision is a new TV series on Disney+ which released its first two episodes of the show on January 15. Disney plans to run nine episodes releasing one episode every week until approximately March 5. The series is based on supporting Marvel characters Wanda and Vision, who live together and travel through different decades.

  The series was created by Jac Schaeffer and directed by Matt Shakman. It is the sequel to the Avenger Endgame movie.  Disney has created multiple miniseries on Marvel characters such as Loki and Marvel studios: Legends. The two main characters Wanda and Vision are played by Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany who also appeared in previous Marvel movies such as Avenger infinity war and endgame. The public praised the amazing performance of Elizabeth and Paul, and the reference to dark secrets and new mysteries that appear throughout the show.

  The idea of the show began in January 2019, and the filming started in November 2019. Even though, the production of the series stopped in March 2020 because of the pandemic. The shooting resumed in September 2020 and was finished in November. The show is one of the series that have still been able to shoot during the pandemic despite the problems and extra obstacles. The background story of the show is that two marvel characters Wanda whose powers are telekinesis, energy manipulation, and Psychokinesis and Vision who is an artificial android with powers like superhuman analytical capabilities, the ability to make fast calculations, and superhuman strength join together.

  Both Wanda and Vision began their life after being newly married couples in a normal suburban town called Westview. Both of the characters try to hide their powers from everybody else in the town but struggle to do so. But as the show goes on, Wanda and Vision start to suspect that something is wrong with their unusually normal suburban town when they encounter suspicious friends and neighbors.

    As the show goes on, the setting changes into different decades. For example, the show starts in black and white in the beginning but starts to move into 80’s TV color like the Brady Bunch and then into real 4k reality TV color that exists today. The audience loved how every episode left different cliffhangers and new riddles. Viewers said that they had to keep watching to figure what was going on which made them eager for the next episode on Disney+. Many viewers are excited to see the next episode of the show to uncover the secrets of the series when it releases exclusively on Disney+.