The Dangers of the South African Covid Strain


Kai Li Howard, Staff Reporter

The Dangers of the South African Covid Strain

Kai Li Howard

Staff Reporter

Recently, a new strain of COVID-19 has been discovered in South Africa. Officials state that this strain threatens one’s immune system at a higher risk than a strain found in the United States. The name of this new variant is called “501.V2.” It is said to be highly infectious and has an increased rate of transmission from one person to another than the original strain. Fortunately, air travel has been limited from Africa, and measures are being made to ensure the safety of the world. 

Sophomore George Dipaolo expressed his concern by saying, “I think it is really scary that there’s a second strain, especially because people will probably continue to not take it seriously.” Dipaolo worries over his grandma who currently resides in the same living quarters. He explained that he will continue to wear a mask and maintain social distance to ensure the safety and health of his family members. He added, “I think it’s extremely selfish how people can party right now, especially with the fact that there’s a pandemic killing hundreds and thousands with so many high risk people and so few front line workers.” Dipaolo strongly advises those in public areas to follow the Corona virus guidelines and stay safe. 

As the public receives the newly developed vaccine, scientists regret to inform that the new strain potentially will deem the vaccine completely ineffective against its new rival. Agnivesh Kaundinya, a freshman, entered high school in the midst of the pandemic and now has to endure experiencing his classes through a computer screen. Similarly to Dipaolo’s previous opinions, Kaundinya believes that the virus is to be handled seriously. If 501.V2 does reach the United States he explained, “…morally the President should enforce a lockdown in case this strain reached the USA.” He also interjected that, “I think that if the government is responsible for containing this new strain, and trying to figure out a vaccine for it then I don’t believe that it will be more of a problem than the COVID strain that is most dominant right now.” Believing that the experts will find a quicker solution to this strain, he trusts that with the current progress in technology, that a new vaccine will be issued sometime in the near future. 

The CDC stresses that they believe that It is vital that citizens wear their masks and social distance when out in public. Following these procedures decreases the risk towards others and oneself. This pandemic has affected many, but eventually, the world will get through this together.