Apple releases new, innovative glasses


Lakshmi Katravulapalli, Staff Reporter

Apple releases new, innovative glasses

Lakshmi Katravulapalli

Staff Reporter


   Apple said they will release their augmented reality version of the Apple glasses at the end of 2021, with a yet to be determined date. Apple announced that the glasses will cost about $500 without including the cost of the lens inside the glasses and any prescription add-ons. The interesting fact about Apple glasses is that they are supposed to look just like regular glasses, but the user will have to interact with the glasses using different gestures. The Apple Company still declared that they are focusing on the battery weight and life-span of the glasses, which is an important part of the product. They also say that the glasses will take about 6-8 months through testing after the final design of the glasses has been released. They say that there is still a lot of time before Apple glasses get shipped into Apple stores across the world. 

   One of the advantages of the Apple glasses is that it is not as heavy as a set of Augmented headsets. They fit right into your every day glasses and do not seem like a hassle. Many people do not know what the final design will look like, but many guess that the design will be fashionable and similar to that of the Apple watch. Many people say that with the Apple glasses, people will be able to interact with everyday Apple apps like the Apple watch but with their glasses instead. Manufacturers are hoping that by the end of 2021, they can make the glasses slim and light just like customers would want them to be. 

     A setback of the glasses is that they will take some time to come out. Different marketers predict different release dates of the Apple glasses. Some predict the glasses will come out by the end of 2021, while others predict it will come out in 2022, but consumers are yet to find out. A negative aspect of the Apple glasses is their high cost, and the need to be extra careful with them considering that they are very expensive. Another problem with Apple Glasses is being careful when on the road or walking to not be distracted by the glasses and rather focus on the road or where you are walking. 

Augmented Reality can have both advantages and disadvantages, and people must always be aware of both when first using the product. Another advantage of the product is that people don’t have to rely on their phones anymore. They can interact with their glasses to make tasks easier and faster. Instead of having to do everything on your phone where it takes a long time, one can quickly motion their glasses to accomplish the task for them.

Apple stated that the glasses will provide multiple features such as geolocation, directions, GPS tracking, and other everyday Apple apps. It can also track the user’s head tilts and eye-tracking to help make the glasses as comfortable as possible and to provide accuracy when showing Augmented Reality objects.