Volunteer at WSHS


Jazmin Velenczei, Web Editor

Volunteer at WSHS

Jazmin Velenczei

Web Editor


The Children’s Volunteer Club is a club for students who would like to get involved in the community while making new friends and also having fun. The sponsor of the club is Frederick Ramie, a JROTC teacher, who thinks that he got very lucky when he was asked to be the sponsor. The number of the members of the club usually varies between 12-15, and they meet once a month in room 7-109. Anyone who is assigned to Winter Springs High School is eligible. 

Mr. Ramie, a sergeant major, recommends joining this club  because “it is a great club to meet and serve the community with peers.” For example, last year the students mentored elementary students from Keeth after school. They assisted with homework, played games, and most importantly developed genuine relationships. It gave students a sense of accomplishment helping others. According to Sergeant Ramie, this club has an essential impact on our school and town because “the students represent the school and the community well and shine a great light on the school as they demonstrate selfless service. “  Unfortunately, COVID changed a lot of things. This year the only volunteering that has been done so far is assisting at the Bear Buck Table for PBS, but they are scheduled to volunteer at Keeth again this year which they all are looking forward to.

Many students at our school volunteer. Some hope to earn scholarships while others want to give back to the community. Madyson Herber, an incoming freshman, describes volunteering as something that she really likes because “she gets to experience things about working throughout the community. Other students had said that they enjoy volunteering because they are surrounded by good people, they get more confidence, and generally because it is fun. Winter Springs High School students took care of kids, provided daycare for a local church, prepared food, and volunteered to help out at football games.

Volunteering and giving back to the community is so much more important than simply meeting school requirements and nothing more. It is a very rewarding and life-changing experience because it helps individuals grow as people. It is a gateway to a new perspective, and it unlocks an array of potential skills.