New twist on a Disney Fairy Tale


Lakshmi Katravulapalli, Staff Reporter

Disney+ just released a new movie: Godmothered. This movie is a comedy and fantasy that was directed by Sharon Maguire, and the main role of the godmother is played by actress Jillian Bell. Isla Fisher plays Mackenzie,who is the woman that the godmother looks for, and her two daughters Jane and Mia are played by Jilian Shea Spaeder and Willa Skye. The film came out on Disney+ on December 4, 2020. 

The story begins in a fairy tale land called the Motherland, where fairy godmothers are trained to help make people’s wishes come true. Eleanor Fay Bloomingbottom is the youngest fairy godmother who wants to accomplish the mission of finding the true love of a young girl in order to save the profession of god mothering in the Motherland. Along the way, Eleanor realizes that the girl she is looking for is all grown up and no longer believes in true love since her husband has passed away. Eleanor shows Mackenzie that true love is possible and helps her girls with their problems. Mackenzie’s oldest daughter Jane has a fear of singing in public, but Eleanor helps her overcome it and teaches the family about happiness again.During her Journey, Eleanor finds her true purpose in life, and after she completes her assignment, she helps Motherland change their ways of teaching, brings in new fairy godmothers, and saves the god mothering business. 

Many say they enjoyed how the movie was comical but romantic at the same time. They like how Eleanor developed through the movie and how she has to adjust to the real living world. The audience loved the twist of the “happily ever after” of fairy godmothers in stories like Cinderella and created a modern fairytale idea that adjusted to our time period. Many were surprised that the movie was able to get on Disney+ despite the challenges of the ongoing pandemic. Many enjoyed that the movie came out in December to match the Christmas setting of the story.

In the opening of the motherland, the film represents a world where the profession of fairy godmothering is just an option along with the tooth fairy, and Santa Claus. But in the modern movie, the career falls out of style as there have been less happily ever afters in the world, and modern times no longer require the need for an enchanted fairy godmother. Even though the rest of the fairy godmothers are discouraged that the world no longer needs them and that they should just switch into the tooth fairies. Optimistic Eleoner who is a young, in training godmother still has trouble mastering the skills of the job but still believes that the world needs fairy-mothering. This sets the tone and background for the rest of the movie which explains Eleanor’s motives in the movie.

The production of the movie was delayed due to the pandemic, and the ending was cut down when the pandemic got serious, but it didn’t stop Disney from being creative. The director decided to make the very ending 2-D animation as an artistic way to end the movie. Maguire says that one of her favorite parts of the movie happened to be the creative animation ending of the movie, which many viewers ended up enjoying. The scene showed how the godmothering profession continued and opened a new school where godmothering is taught in a new way, recognizing that everybody should get their own unique happily ever after. Jillian Bell says that she loved seeing herself as an animated character at the end of the movie, and also thought that it was a really creative way to end the movie despite the challenges of the pandemic.