Bringing Awareness to Breast Cancer

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Kai Li Howard, Staff Reporter

October is the month of Halloween, pumpkins, chilly weather, etc. In addition to the spooky season, October is also a month to spread awareness about breast cancer, a disease that affects approximately one-eighth of women in the United States alone. The month was deemed Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 1985 when the American Cancer Society and the Imperial Chemical Industries began a partnership. The month has since then been an annual international health campaign organized by charities that contribute to patients suffering with breast cancer. 

As a symbol, the pink ribbon (or pink in general)  has been worn throughout the annual October event. This tradition first started with Charlotte Haley who introduced the idea of using a ribbon. The first ribbons were peach colored but then altered when the New York City Race handed out pink ribbons to participants in 1991. 

Several ways one can help is to donate to charities that devote their time to helping those with breast cancer. Listed below are the top breast cancer charities to donate to;

  1. Breast Cancer Research Foundation:  
  2. Susan G. Komen for the Cure:
  3. National Breast Cancer Foundation:!/donation/checkout


In addition to donating online, fundraising events are held to support the same cause. This includes marathons, bake sales, and other local activities. Any amount going to breast cancer helps those in need and support is always welcomed. 

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