Winter Springs faces off against St. Cloud Bulldogs

Photo courtesy of: Joe Petro

Photo courtesy of: Joe Petro

Barron Roosa, Newspaper Manager

On Friday the 23 of October, the Winter Springs Bears arrived in St. Cloud to battle it out with the St. Cloud Bulldogs. Winter Springs kicked off against St. Cloud Bulldogs and were prepared for a defensive battle. The Winter Springs defense kept the Bulldog’s offense back for the first quarter, but late in the quarter, the Bulldogs’ offense was able to punch it in for 6. The Winter Springs offense that opened up with a first down eventually stalled out and brought out Carter Brones to punt the ball away. Brones’ punt soared across the field and had the Bulldogs deep in their own territory. It was imminent that the Bears’ defense was getting tired and by the end of the second quarter the Bears were down by five touchdowns.

At halftime the coaches made an executive decision and put in the freshman quarterback Ty Slain. Slain started all year for the Bears freshman team leading them to a few wins in his time as starter. In the third quarter Slain passed a 59 yard pass to Brayden Giambalvo who took all the way down to their opponents 23 yard line. Marvin Collins scored on the following play to put the Bears on the board 7-39. Winter Springs faces off against St. Cloud Bulldogs

The Winter Springs Bears were focusing on their game against East River and getting their first home win, the team looks up to Slain for his masterful leadership and skill set this week. Winter Springs has been working hard and practicing even more to secure their win at our home stadium. Football is a contact sport and with that, injuries occur, Ty Slain was the Freshman starting QB and played a really good game, Ty also scored a field goal and the future looks bright for our team.