Senior Spotlight


Courtesy of: Coach Erin Wolfe

Kai Li Howard, Staff Reporter

As a senior, Megan Hagge is making the most out of her last year by taking risks and trying new things. She has participated in swim and Best Buddies for three years. She stated, “I love hanging out with my Best Buddy Orien. I just enjoy listening to his funny stories and being around the buddies.” While juggling school and those two clubs, Hagge additionally takes part in softball and has been doing so for nine years. 

When asked how Hagge maintains her schedule, she advises those who are willing to put in effort in multiple activities to have good time management and plan ahead. For those who want to try a new sport, she encourages those to have a positive attitude to accomplish anything. “But don’t try to juggle too much; it’s okay to not be involved with everything on campus, it’s the quality of the experience that matters over quantity,” cautioned this active and involved senior.