The Democratic National Convention During a Pandemic


Zaria Moudud, Staff Reporter

The National Democratic Convention is a meeting of the Democratic party to decide who the presidential and vice-presidential candidates will be to represent their party. The convention is held every four years when the presidential elections start again after each presidential term.

This year’s democratic nominee is former Vice President Joe Biden, and his running mate is Kamala Harris. The main things the candidates talked about were their plans, ideas, and platform for the things they will stand for and promises to the people if the candidate were elected president. 

The convention was held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on August 17th to August 20th. There were 17 people who spoke at the convention. Some of the notable people were Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Former President and first lady, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, Former President and first lady, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Jill Biden. 

One of the key points in Biden’s acceptance speech was a reminder on how important character is. In his speech he mentioned an opinion that our current president is struggling to solve the current COVID-19 crisis and how he can help the situation. Then he proceeded to go over his plan as president and what he plans to do to help better America. He also told the crowd about how Mike Pence is going to have his hands full at the October 7th debate with his VP Kamala Harris.

Some of Biden’s plans for our country would be building back better advancing racial equity across the American economy, trying to help and build back jobs and economic recovery for working families, and his combat plan to beat COVID-19 and ways and ideas to prepare for any other future global health threats. He mentioned all of these ideas and plans at the convention and continues to make more. 

Later on, Biden talked about his Vice-Presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, who has grown as a person and a politician, and how she went through various obstacles growing up. Biden went over the Black Lives Matter movement as one of his final points in his speech. He told the crowd about his conversations with Gianna Floyd, George Floyd’s daughter. 

This 2020 election will probably be the most intense because it’s an unforeseen event and year due to COVID-19, but Americans will still vote and decide the fate of our country.