The Changes for School


Photo courtesy of: bearnationWSHS/Twitter

Miranda Guthrie, Entertainment Editor

The Corona Virus has shocked the world since March of 2020. And since this virus is so dangerous, many places had to shut down including stores, restaurants, theme parks, and even schools. People self-quarantined for days or, in some cases, even weeks. The school was continued only online for two months, which meant that events such as prom had to be postponed indefinitely. 

Scientific studies show that if people wear a mask and stand at least 6 feet away from other people, then people would be much safer from contracting the virus. Since that was a proven scientific fact, schools started to reopen for the next school year, but this school year is like no other. Students had the option to choose between three different choices to go back to school. Students could choose either face to face, online, or hybrid. Face to face means students can go back to the physical school; online means students will learn from home; and hybrid means students go to school for half of the day and the other half of the day they will go home and learn from there.

Some students at Winter Springs High School, shared how different things are now and their likes and dislikes about what they had chosen. Jaden Galicia, is a junior and he chose online, and the thing he likes about online is “that it’s more relaxing and quieter than being at school.” What he does not like about it is “missing the interaction with other students.” 

Another student, Lindsey Burmeister is a junior, and she chose face to face and she said that “school feels the same. The only difference is the mask and less people in each class.” 

Lilly Knapp is a sophomore, and she chose hybrid. She said that “hybrid is different because we are on our own pace as far as our virtual classes and we don’t have to spend our whole day at school.” Knapp also said “it’s easy especially because I live two minutes from school, so it’s super convenient and easy once I develop a schedule.” 

School might be a little different this year, but students and teachers are making the most of this situation, so everybody can have a good school year and just have fun and learn during this time.