A Closer Look into the Winter Springs Girls Swim Team


Photo Courtesy of: Ryoko Elzey

Kai Li Howard, Staff Reporter

Take a dive into the girl’s swim team at Winter Springs High School. The new 2020-2021 fall swim season has begun, and swimmers are ready to win. The team has a total of 31members, 20 girls and 11 boys. Many have returned from the former swim team, while others are starting their first year on the team. 

Although many have been on edge about social distancing, sports have been in session. The precautions include getting temperature checks and wearing a mask on the pool deck, which are regulated by the coaches and staff at Winter Springs and Lake Howell High School.

Freshman Kelsey Reichert is new to the Girls Swim Team. She stated that she has been swimming for five years and wanted to continue her journey. Out of the four strokes, Reichert’s favorite is butterfly, an uncommon favorite among swimmers. She previously swam for Lake Brantley but now resumes her swimming career at Winter Springs.     

After her first year, sophomore Emma Elzey is back on the team. Her main goal this year is to beat her times for her top events which include 100 meter backstroke and freestyle. Another goal that she has is to push herself to the best of her abilities. Elzey is determined and stated, “I can improve so much more.” During summer break she has taken lessons at Lake Howell and states that she definitely feels an improvement.When asked how COVID-19 has changed the way the sport is played she explained how temperature checks are made and masks are worn. Elzey also stated that “Swim practice is a great stress relief because it can momentarily make you forget COVID even exists.”

Last but not least, as a senior Megan Hagge bids her farewells to her fellow teammates. Hagge has been swimming on the team since her sophomore year marking her third year on the team. “I’m so sad it’s my last year swimming. Swim is such an exhilarating sport and my teammates are the best people ever.” Hagge plans on making the most out of her last year by soaking in every moment and living in the present. Hagge is not planning on swimming after she graduates. She is heading to Dartmouth College to pursue her softball career. 

Swimming consists of four strokes: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. Each swimmer has his or her strengths and weaknesses in each. Students usually specialize in certain strokes and compete in those events. They train and work hard to the best of their abilities to achieve their goals.