Texans Take on the Chiefs in the first NFL game of the season


Photos courtesy of: ESPN

Barron Roosa, Staff Reporter

In the past few months COVID shut everything down, travel, sports, and restaurants, but now there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Football is back and better than ever. The Kansas City Chiefs are playing against the Houston Texans, J.J Watt vs Patrick Mahomes on September 10. The news of this game is a shining light that scientists are finding solutions to bring back the norm to people.

The Kansas City Chiefs are as of right now the Superbowl champions. They beat the San Francisco 49ers. On the 10th of September the game started. David Johnson scored the first touchdown of the game, puting the Texans ahead in the game.  Deshaun Watson and Jordan Akins scored,  bringing the Houston Texans to 20 points.

The Kansas City Chiefs are on every team’s watchlist, coming off of a Super Bowl win and beginning a new season. Patrick Mahommes, who is the star of the team, threw three touchdown passes. With the new season we have so much to look forward to the future of athletics.

Football is a sport founded back in the year of 1920 and it has evolved into the national sport that it is today. The Kansas City Chiefs have surprised fans with their starting lineup in the past year. In yeartr 2017, the Chiefs drafted a young starting quarterback Patrick Mahomes from the college Texas Tech University, this was the start of the Chiefs team turn around. In the year 2016 the Chiefs drafted a young wide receiver Tyreek Hill. With the football season starting in our own school, the NFL can show our school some new plays that players can do to have a safer season for our team’s fans and most importantly our team.