2020 College Football is Saved!


Photo courtesy of: Atlanta News Now

Ben Huber, Staff Reporter

On August 11, the Big 10 and Pac-12 conferences decided to postpone their football season to January, but players were irate. The Big 10 and Pac-12 make up two of the power five NCAA conferences in which colleges are grouped. Student-athletes such as Ohio State’s Justin Fields and LSU’s Jamarr Chase shared the #WeWantToPlay movement on their respective social media accounts to persuade the conferences to change their decision. 

After this major backlash and a petition with over 270,000 signatures, there are reports that the two conferences could start playing football as soon as Halloween. No official decision has been made as of August 28, as it comes down to the university presidents. The reason for the reversal is mainly because eight Nebraska football players have filed lawsuits against the Big 10 conference. The players claim the Big 10 is in breach of contract by not following their governing documents where the players are beneficiaries. 

The Pac-12 is yet to comment on the matter but it is widely believed that the Pac-12 will follow suit if the Big 10 is to make a reversal. If this reversal is achieved the teams will play a conference only 10 game schedule.