Disney opens with new safety measures


Photo by: Susan Guthrie

Bailey McLean and Miranda Guthrie

Disney has made several changes since the onset of COVID-19, earlier this year. Adjustments began in March with new rules and regulations including social distancing of at least six feet apart and guests having to wear masks unless they’re drinking and eating. In addition, hand sanitizers have been placed just about everywhere, including at the entrances and exits of park rides.

Most of the interactive aspects of the parks were closed, such as restaurants, snack areas, stores, and live-action shows. For example, the shows at Hollywood Studios like Indiana Jones, the Frozen Show, and Beauty and the Beast were closed due to the actors having to interact with each other during the performance. With this fact, a worker at Disney said that shows won’t be open until a couple of months.

Attending these parks has become more difficult for potential guests. The only way to get into these parks and restaurants is by making reservations. A big surprise was also mobile ordering. This is when you have to order your meal on the Disney app at the restaurant. One must then wait until s/he gets a text saying the order is complete. Then the guest can come into the restaurant and sit down.

One positive aspect of these new Disney rules is that they are attempting to keep people safe because they follow the regulations the CDC has provided. By making sure that there is a decent capacity in their four parks, checking temperatures as guests walk in the parks, and workers making sure that the guests are wearing their masks  correctly, going to Disney can be a fun and safe experience.