Medical Drama returns after Coronavirus

Photo courtesy of: ABC

Photo courtesy of: ABC

Olivia Song, PR Manager

Grey’s Anatomy first aired in the spring of 2005 with the lead Ellen Pompeo who plays the role of Merideth Grey. She is one of four characters that are still with the show. Chandra Wilson plays Miranda Bailey, and James Pickens Jr. plays Richard Weber. 


Alex Karev played by Justin Chambers played his character for the last time during the beginning of Season 16. A fan favorite original character has said his final goodbyes during last season. 


This show is normally televised on Thursday nights from ABC. On Thursday, September 17, 2020, the cast and show announced the show would be airing again on November 12, and all the many  fans were so excited. Grey’s Anatomy will be a two hour premier with a crossover with the spinoff show Station 19.


Once COVID-19 began in the beginning of March and everyone had to quarantine. Greys Anatomy was forced to stop production like other shows The show could not continue finishing the season due to this, and leaving the fans with a major cliffhanger.


The show resumed production on Tuesday,  September 8. Ellen Pompeo had made an Instagram post with a picture of her co-star Richard Flood who plays Dr. Cormac Hayes. In the post on social media, she took a moment to thank all of the healthcare workers and said she is dedicating Season 17 to those “fallen and to every one of you who by the grace of God is still standing, this season is for you.” Throughout the global pandemic, the actress has been helping her community and standing up for her beliefs such as the Black Lives Matter Movement. 


As the show is now back into production it’s going to jump forward a month and a half into the coronavirus. Viewers can accept to see the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial fully enriched to taking care of all the patients from the coronavirus.