Reporter reflects on past school year

Reporter reflects on past school year

Olivia Song, Business Manager

The 2019-2020 school year has definitely been one for the books, most of us probably didn’t think in a million years that the school year would end with distance learning and AP exams at home. This is a weird time to end the year, but let’s look back on the best memories at Winter Springs High School. 

Starting on August 12, 2019, the new school year began with all the new and old students coming to WSHS, learning new material teachers have been preparing, and seeing old friends that weren’t able to see over the summer. Teachers and administration prepared during the summer to make sure they bring you the best experiences during the school year. Athletes trained to be as prepared as they can perform their best in the sport. 

During the fall the school started to get involved with football season. The season for the Winter Springs Bears Varsity Team didn’t start off as the greatest, but the team had the best season some may say in a while. The Bears pushed even through the hard times, won the District Championship title for the school, and defeated the Hawks. 

Another thing the student body looked forward to every year was homecoming. This year, the theme was Walking on Fifth Avenue. The leadership team worked hard in the first quarter to make sure they gave the student body the best experience, planning the annual homecoming parade and different events through the week leading up to the homecoming dance.

Even though homecoming is the big hooray during the beginning of the year. There are so many more events during the year that the school is involved with. 

The sports at WSHS succeeded this year with the girl’s cross country team coming home as State Champions, the girls volleyball team winning the Regional and District Championship, the girl’s and boy’s weightlifting team getting back to back titles for Regional and District Championship. In addition to this, the track and field team made huge strides during their season. The Hunnybears went to semifinals at the DTU nationals, and the competition cheer team placed 4th in state. Many sports that were not mentioned did exceptionally well and represented WSHS amazingly. 

The academics were amazing with the first International Baccalaureate class graduating this year, with many outstanding students receiving scholarships.The WSHS Computer Science students represented our school at the University of Florida Programming Competition. The Brain Bowl and Science Olympiad team represented WSHS at their respective competitions.  They had competed out of 42 teams and came in 7th in the Ping Pong Parachute and 13th in the Chemistry Lab event. The World Language programs were represented state wide in different categories. 

The top ten senior students were  announced in mid-February for their outstanding GPAs and grades during their four years in high school. This year there were two top ten lists because the International Baccalaureate students have followed a separate path which will allow them to earn their IB diploma. Congratulations to all top ten students! 

Top 10 International Baccalaureate Students 

  1. Steven Fang
  2. Narenkumar Thirmiya
  3. Ronald Xu
  4. Meggie Li
  5. Paul Wanczuk
  6. Ria Wagh
  7. Aaron Gettig
  8. Antonio Villarreal
  9. Harmony McMullen
  10. Brandon Perez

Top 10 Seniors (Traditional)

  1. Natalie Moore
  2. Nicholas Bland
  3. Randy McLaughlin
  4. Jada Sweezy
  5. Madeline Boyle
  6. Jacqueline St. Pierre
  7. Mackenzie Czurak
  8. Blake Gassman
  9. Makayla Volders
  10. Hope Matschner

To WSHS Class of 2020, congratulations on finishing high school even though this was not the way you probably wanted it to end. Your class will never be forgotten and will have some amazing memories to share with your family and future children in years to come.

From the Bear Truth News Staff, we are so proud of your accomplishments and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. With all that has been said, WSHS had an amazing school year even though some might have been a curveball.