Students explain their take on world languages

Students explain their take on world languages

Allie Nichols, Copy Editor

Winter Springs High School presents its students with a variety of world languages to learn during their four years. WSHS offers, Spanish, ASL, and Latin. Sadly, this school year (2019-20) was the last year to offer French. Learning a new language has its challenges, but many students would agree that it has its benefits and fun. 

AP Spanish student Sofia Guerra aims to graduate with the bilingual medal. It’s important to learn a new language “because it expands [student’s] culture and knowledge in a way that enriches and expands vocabulary.”

Luis Mendez is taking AP Spanish because he wanted to know more about his culture and background. To him, “It is important to be able to relate and communicate with other people. It’s also just as important to respect and understand other people. You might even make them happy when they know you took time to learn.”

New student Chloe Diefenbaugh chose to take it because she wants to be able to relate with deaf people when there’s no one else than can. According to her, “Communication is a key factor of connection around the world.”

Kristina Dunphy loves the passion in people that are in the class and behind learning ASL itself. She believes in learning a new language to connect, learn, and grow with people from different communities and cultures. 

Sophomore Elayna Gillis, also in ASL, initially chose it because of a deaf girl at her church she wanted to befriend. She said, “It’s important to learn a new language to learn more about another culture. You get to see things through a new perspective, be involved, and form new relationships.” 

A Latin 1 student, KaiLi Howard, chose it as her foreign language because “many languages derive from it.” Howard continued, “Learning a new language helps break the barrier between communication issues, and it allows people to connect.” 

Veronica Valdez selected French because “It’s a beautiful language with a beautiful culture surrounding it.” Valdez said, “Learning a new language is so important for developing global connections and improving cognitive functions at the same time.”

In conclusion, students should use their precious high school time to learn a new language before life takes over. Now is the prime time to reach out and try to learn something new about a language, culture, and/or community.