Finding love blinded

Olivia Song, Business Manager

Love is Blind is an Original Netflix Series where people see if love is truly blind. The host and hostess of the show, a married couple, are Nick and Vanessa Lashey. The experiment puts men and women into separate “pods” where they date each other and get to know the person through a wall without ever seeing them. After getting to know each other and if the couples feel that they can be compatible, they will get engaged in 10 days and get married four weeks after getting engaged. Keep in mind that the show had been filmed in late 2018. 

Laura Speed and Cameron Hamilton

They were one out of five couples that had gotten engaged through the pods. One of the worries Speed had once seen her for the first time outside of the pod was how her family would act since they are an interracial couple. This couple was the fan-favorite couple, everyone on the internet was rooting for them to make it past the show and a year and a half later they are happily married. 

Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack

As the couple continued their relationship to Mexico, Carlton was hiding something from Diamond that was very important and should have been talked about in the pods. The first night the couple had been in Mexico he had decided to tell Diamond by the pool that he was bisexual. That didn’t sit well with Diamond. Though she is not homophobic, this was just a lot for her to take in at once. As the night continued the couple had gone to their prospective rooms and saw each other in the morning. The couple had gotten in a fight and broke the engagement off. At the live reunion, they are doing well and have said their apologies to one another. 

Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli

The couple started things off great in the pods and had great conversations. Their engagement was not like anyone else’s on the show. After Powers had proposed to Gibelli to ask for her hand in marriage she soon then went on to getting on one knee and asking Powers to marry her and both of them had said yes. As the relationship continued it was not the smoothest sailing to the day of the wedding. There was a lot of miscommunication to be had and it was tough for both to get through because as one would express their concerns the other would get mad. 

Two days before the wedding both of them had made up and realized what they have been committing to, but when Powers got to the altar and was asked if he could see a life with her and said he wasn’t able to, which was not good. Gibelli then marched out of the ceremony crying. Afterward, Gibelli confronted him about why he did this to her. At the show’s reunion they are happily together, not married, just dating and living in the world together. Gibelli had said at the reunion she “respects his decision.”

Amber Pike and Matt Barnett

Pike and Barnett were the next couple to fall in love in the pods and to get engaged. Barnett had a rocky start in the pods dating three girls at once- Pike, his now beloved wife, Jessica Batten, and LC. Ultimately viewers had believed Pike and Barnett were the perfect couple for each other because Pike is very loud and “has no filter” as Pike put it on the reunion show.

On the day of their wedding, it had started off rough for Pike because she had gotten a text from Barnett saying he was getting cold feet which was not a good feeling knowing that she would possibly be getting married to this guy in hours. At the altar, Pike said to Barnett “never have I ever in my life met a man that irks my nerves like you do.” 

Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes

Chase and Barnes’s relationship had looked good, but with minor bumps in the road; ultimately though they were not meant to be. At their wedding, Chase had decided that it was a good idea to cut off their relationship because she could not get to the level of love that Barnes was offering to her. Before leaving, Barnes had announced to all their guests saying, “You take something that is so complex, and it’s authentic, and it’s real, but today is not our day,” After saying that he proceeded to leave the ceremony.

At the live show, they had given updates about their life and it is important to mention both Chase and Barnes are doing well and so well that Barnes is in a new relationship and is so happy and Chase is happy for him.

Jessica Batten and March Cuevas

The last couple to get engaged in the pods were Jessica Batten and March Cuevas. As they met in the pods and started to talk more and more about their similarities there was one that was not so similar: their age gap which was ten years. To Batten, that was an understandable issue. One of the biggest concerns Batten had was that Cuevas was so young and if she wanted to get pregnant, she would have to start trying since she is getting older and wasn’t sure that Cuevas could take those steps after being married. 

Even though their relationship was good and she loved him so much, when it got to spending the rest of her life with him she could not see it, so she decided to end their relationship at the altar. At the reunion show, both of them are doing well and explained how much the show both helped them grow as a person.