Hesselbart named new head coach

Hesselbart named new head coach

Olivia Song, Business Manager

This story was originally published in the fourth issue of The Bear Truth (March 10, 2020).

On January 31, WSHS announced that veteran educator, Matt Hesselbart will be the new head coach for the varsity football team. Hesselbart has been at WSHS since the school opened in 1997, 23 years ago.

Coach Hesselbart has been a football coach for years prior to taking this new position. He has coached high school football for 19 years and NCAA Division III coaching for three years. With many years of coaching football experience, Hesselbart is ready to strengthen the WSHS football program and make history with them. Coach Hesselbart had applied to be the head coach because he missed being with students who have the same passion for football as him. Football has been part of his life for many years and he cannot think of a time where he was not watching football.

Coach Hesselbart’s primary goal for the team for the new season is making the team have pride not just in themselves, but for the school and their teammates. He is going to do his absolute best to provide the players with outstanding assistant coaches to help them on the field, in the classroom, and in their own personal lives. The team will be surrounded with positive influences so later in life the players will be as prepared to be great role models and providing memorable moments on the field.

Coach Hesselbart is always looking for new players to join the spring football team. If you are interested in joining the spring football team you can find him around the school campus to talk to him.