Sony surprises with new car


The Drive

With Sony introducing Vison-S this can mean competition for other electric car companies like Tesla, the first thing people usually compare between two competing cars is performance.

Bailey McLean, News Editor

Sony has come out with a prototype of its new electric automobile Vision-S. Vision-S is not available to the public yet and probably won’t be for a while now as it is more of a concept of the type of car the company would make in the future. The announcement of Vision-S was a surprise to everyone who attended the press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show.  

Sony has no plans to mass-produce. The car itself was meant to showcase the idea Sony had for the world of cars. Unlike other prototypes, this car however really works. The main focal point is Sony’s entertainment. The means Sony made entertainment like music and movies. This does not mean they skimp out on the other aspects of the concept car.

This car screams with all the class and style that a fully loaded luxury car should hope to achieve, with a smooth digital display, user-friendly interface, and sleek design. An experience as easy and most of all personalized for the owner. Not only does this car seeks to please the owner, but also it’s passengers with individual controls for watching movies and music.

Even though Sony has no intentions of getting into the car making business Vision-S was mostly a way to show off what the company can do with cars. Sony wants to showcase both the driving technology and in-car entertainment. Since Vision-S is just a concept we don’t know much about the performance of the car all we know performance-wise is that the car will have 4 motors, one powering each wheel, 0-60 will happen in 4.6 seconds, and it will have a top speed of 164 mph.