ASL puts on exciting performance

Olivia Song, Business Manager

On November 21 and 22 the American Sign Language Club presented a show where they had performed various songs in sign language which were performed by levels one through 4. Songs such as All for One from High School Musical 2, Single Ladies from Beyonce, and Popular from Wicked were all signed by the WSHS ASL. The show also consisted of reading and signing jokes, telling stories, and taught the audience about the Deaf Culture. 

One thing to take note of when going to see any type of sign language performance is that they never run on time ASL at WSHS is not just about learning about sign language, but it is a big family.

At the end of the performance on Friday, November 22, President Madeeha Mirza and Vice President Jenna Krausman gave a special message to the two ASL teachers Katie Canteenwalla and Holly Hyman giving thanks to them for the past 4 years they have been in ASL and how much they have made them grow as a person. Ms. Canteenwalla and Ms. Hyman after the last performance gave out flowers to all the seniors.  

Piper Ancel is a level two in ASL and says “ASL has become more of a family than a club over the past couple of years because we’ve started to accept each other and view one another as equals.” 

The proceeds that the ASL performance makes will go on a four-day trip to Gallaudet,  that the school will help sponsor. The trip will be a complete be just sign language to communicate and no voice. Gallaudet is a private university in Washington D.C. where it gives education to hard-of-hearing students. 

Jenna Kruasman is a senior and the Vice President for the American Sign Language Club and a level four at WSHS.  She never thought that joining ASL freshman year, she would end up being so involved in this family. Jenna plans to continue doing American Sign Language and wants to be an interpreter in the near future.

Overall, the show was a hit with the audience. Many participated in the song that the ASL members taught. The ASL program continues to defy expectations in language learning.