Everything is up for debate


Photo by Paula Vickers

Debate Club requires that students have the ability to argue both sides and write short paragraphs that reflect the case.

Allie Nichols, Copy Editor

This story was originally published in the third issue of The Bear Truth (December 16, 2019).

The Debate Club, sponsored by teachers Paula Vickers and David Carter, is an after school club that will broaden your spectrum of abilities and teach you to think critically. This activity is more than a disputable discussion between opposing sides; it’s all about bringing a positive light to the classrooms at Winter Springs High School. The club meets every Tuesday after school in Mr. Carter’s room, 7-213. 

Tabbitha Addison, President of the Debate Club, described it in three words: “controversial, reflecting, and refuting.” Moreover, despite what people think, students don’t just argue for the sake of it in this club. While both controversial and lighthearted debates happen with each meeting, during this process, students learn to form evidence, think for both sides of the argument, and build a case for or against a specific topic. 

Addison explains more, “It stands out because this is a ‘learn as you go’ type of class. No one there is a professional; We’re all just students with a strong interest in the art of debate. You can take great life skills from this and apply them to real-life circumstances both inside and outside of school.” Debate Club requires that students have to ability to argue both sides and write short paragraphs that reflect the case. 

The Debate Club is very exciting in all aspects. Students should look forward to the actual setting up of the debates. “This type of argument is more than just rambling back and forth. Students must use facts to deepen their argument and back up their contentions and resolutions. They form their arguments diligently and, in the end, come to not one but two conclusions- one for each side of the argument,” said Addison. In conclusion, the Debate Club is something that will teach students more about the world around them and expand their minds.