Boys soccer defeats University in last second victory


Photos by PSP Images

Santiago Moreno chops the ball away from the opponent.

Sofia Guerra, Staff Translator

This story was originally published in the third issue of The Bear Truth (December 16, 2019).

In an effort to share the excitement of our win over UHS, we’ve decided to present the events of the game in real time. We hope that you will enjoy this approach.

In an impressive start to the game, WSHS player Chris Mark scored the first goal in the first half of the game versus University High School. Mark passes the ball to one of the captains Francesco Aviles who passes it again to Mark. The ball is then passed Jacob Cerna and he passes it to Parker Munjed, who kicks the ball and the UHS goalkeeper stops it. University tries to throw a goal but fails. The team goalkeeper passes it to Santiago Rodriguez, who passes it to Sam Marcus and reaches more than half of the pitch. Aviles throws the fault and the time the first set is 21:40 and continues 1 to 0. The University defender #20 catches the ball with his foot and throws it to the court of WS. In 20:03 minutes the other team almost scored a goal but took it off the field and made a corner. They make time in the minute 19:20. The coaches take advantage of it and give advice. Jon Goldberg takes it away from #8 of the opposing team and passes it to Aviles who attempts to pass it but fails and the other team takes the ball away.

Then, Cerna has the ball and passes to Goldberg, and it ends in a corner. Santiago Moreno throws the ball but fails, and Mark approaches the court but also fails. Sebastian Miller gives a header and passes it to Aviles, but it costs the other team. Francesco Aviles touches him a libel shot and gives turn to Sebastian Miller. Now, the referee signals to Aviles that the other team has a free kick. The other team throws it, and the ball goes over the goalkeeper’s back, in the 11th minute; #54 of the other team approaches, but from the court. The goalkeeper moves a chin away from the field, and the ball goes to the other team. They make their first goal. Rodriguez tries to throw the ball and passes it over the field. Moreno passes it to Connor Nyzc who passes it Rodriguez and later to Aviles. They sing assistance to the other team. At minute 7:30, the game is still tied at 1 against 1.

WS throws a header to Munjed, then at Rodriguez who passes it to Nyzc who gives a header and leaves the field and right there ends the first half.

The second half begins and they change sides on the field. In the second half, the coach entered Munjed again and Sam Marcus. Enter Fabian Aviles and take out Nyzc. University #17 has a free kick, the goalkeeper touches us and takes it out of the pitch and corner kick for the other team. The referee called the first yellow card in the match to #25 of the opposing team towards Francesco Aviles. They take out #6 and put in Goldberg. One player from University puts his foot at Moreno and kicks him to the floor.

It’s 7:30 p.m., and they ask for a timeout to drink water. At 16:42 minutes, the score continues 1 to 1. 15 minutes have passed and another goal has not been scored. However, in the last five minutes , #13 is close to scoring a goal but fails. University’s goalie catches the goal. The opposing team is close to the WSHS goal but fails to score. Moreno makes the final pass to Ruben Tobar in the last two seconds of the game scores a goal making Winter Springs victorious with a winning score of 2 to 1.