Bears sweep win at Regional Semifinals

Allie Nichols, Copy Editor

Player numbers 1, 3, 5, 8, 13, and 22 stood on the court as the starting lineup. This game was the Regional Semifinals game which meant that if we won, we would go onto the Regional Finals. The game started when the other team Strawberry Crest served, but soon, number 9, Lauren Vargo, was serving. Not too much action was happening in the beginning. At the first timeout, it was 9 to 3. 

This was almost a little too easy. Our players were organized and played as one, but on the other side of the net, girls were scrambling and rolling just to save our hits. Very few of the hits from the other team made it far past the net because Courtney Wagner and Lindsey Matthews were right there to block. The other team seemed to have no control over the ball because their “successful” hits and serves always went too far back, out of the court. However, on some rare occasions, Maddy Johnson, number 22 and team captain, could be seen diving for the ball during some of the plays. We easily won the first set- home: 25, guest: 16. 

Both crowds stood up at once and began to shuffle between the bleachers to the other side. Masses of red and purple momentarily mixed before settling opposite of where they resided a few seconds ago. A few minutes later, we reached a score of home: 5, guest: 1. Number 8, Hope Matschner would be one of the players seen diving for the ball. 

The other team slowly caught up after the first timeout. Our team was very clever in having Number 1, Hanna White, jump at the net whenever another player went to hit. Her movement distracted the other team and gave us a little more time to spot the holes in the players’ positions. We earned point after point easily. In a short time, we only needed one more point. Somehow the other team kept scoring on us. The score was 24 to 18. Then we scored one more point and won the second set.

Once again, purple and red collided as the crowds switched sides. Student and JV volleyball player Sara Gardener predicted that we would win 25 to 19. On the court as our starting lineup stood Lauren Vargo, Maddy Johnson, Hope Matschner, Emma Boyle, Hanna White, and Natalie Faulkner. They were all down and ready. The beginning did not look good seeing that we were quite a few points behind. 

Officially, this game was the Semifinals, but could have also been accurately called “The Game of Double Hits.” It wasn’t even just one side. Both teams were being called out. This was the closest set yet. After a few more plays, Sara’s prediction seemed to be coming true, but that was all over as the other team earned a point making the score home: 23, guest: 20. Her prediction was so close. We won the Semifinals 25 to 20. The Winter Springs Volleyball team will now be moving on to the Regional Finals.