Bowling team unites

Emily Tran, Feature Editor

This story was originally published in the second issue of The Bear Truth (November 14, 2019).

The bowling team has had an amazing season. They defeated almost all of their opponents. “I joined the bowling team because every member in my family has been a bowler at one point in their life, my mom, my dad, and my grandfather were all on a bowling league in New York,” said Gabriela Feliz, a sophomore.The captain of the girls’ bowling team is Emily Capen, a senior. The other girls like to think of her as their best bowler. “Last year was my first year bowling, and Emily was the first real friend I made on the team. She’s always been a sweetheart, and she taught me everything I know. It’ll be like losing a family member when she graduates,” said Feliz. Each bowling match consists of two games and three bakers where they switch out the players to make sure everyone gets a chance to play.

The girls say they are super close and that they love each other like sisters. At times the new girls get nervous, but it is everyone’s job is to build their confidence. Coach Carmen Beasley has been the head bowling coach for two years, but has been involved with WSHS bowling for over four years.“My players are like my kids. I take care of them. I watch over them in school and outside when we are in the bowling leagues. They are an extension of my family.” For Coach Beasley, it is not just about coaching. “I enjoy it so much that I myself joined a weekly weekly league. I participate in weekend tournaments.”

Last year was a bit of a challenge for the team because some people were some negative, and some seniors struggled to work together. This year changed for them. They all immediately clicked. They didn’t think of bowling as a priority; they thought of it as an opportunity to hang out with friends. The team’s key to success this year has been cheering each other on during the games.   

The team competes against each school in Seminole county twice; then they go to districts. The girls hang out a lot the time outside of their practices every Tuesday and Thursday at Oviedo Bowling Center. Everyone on the team has been pretty hyped up and excited because they made it to top four in districts. Coach Beasley said, “In districts we (the girls) went farther than we thought. We were up against Crooms for top three seed (team). We did give them a run for their money.” To be sure, this year’s bowling team scored a strike for WSHS.