An Audience’s View of Alice in Americaland

Sara-James Ranta, Copy Editor

Every year, our Winter Springs High School theatre group puts on an array of shows and musical productions. To any high schooler looking to do something on a Friday night, going to see a show is usually something that’s given the “shrug of the shoulders” to. Why? As a student myself, I don’t exactly know why this comes about. To any of the unfortunate people who couldn’t get the opportunity to see the first show of this year, Alice in Americaland, (directed by Jennifer Devine and Makenna Bruemmer) was a personal delight. 

This play specifically talked about the generality of America; with the opening being Alice, after jumping through the tv, finds herself in something quite far from any wonderland. Being a comedy, this lightened the pressure to not be so heavy on the painstaking truth this play revealed. There, in “Americaland,” she meets modernized characters of your original Alice in Wonderland, each having a specific characteristic relating to America. Some of the characters include the White Rabbit, who’s always in fear of someone dropping “the big one,” the Cheshire Cat, who’s Hollywood’s biggest gossip reporter, a Turtle, who’s always talking about consumer rights, a Mouse who wants a spot in the political office, Humpty Dumpty, who pessimistically defends himself as he sits on the wall, the Red Queen, who only cares about herself and how her body looks, and an Eagle, who’s working on a time machine to be stuck in the past. The Duke and Duchesses roles are even switched, she’s a “working dutchess” while he’s a “house duke.” 

Along with each of the character’s hindsight personalities and core beliefs, the play itself is beautifully done in the portrayal of each idea. Each idea’s overtone is unique to the character and is always introduced with a comedic flair, which is quite superb. Each actor also fit their role/roles cleanly as well, which definitely didn’t make any scene boring. 

Ultimately, Alice in Americaland was a true example of the hard work and dedication the theatre program at Winter Springs High has. It’s going to be exciting to see what they have planned for the future.