iPhone 11 With New Camera Features To Be Released

Miranda Guthrie, Staff Reporter

The iPhone 11 is the new version that came out on September 20. The most eye-catching thing about the new model and the most talked about is the three camera lenses. Some people say that the three cameras are not that flattering on the phone, but they are actually very useful to take pictures. With the three cameras users will have creative control.

The iPhone 11 Pro and Max have faster components and better camera quality. It  will also run on the new IOS 13 software. The price of the new iPhone 11 is lower than the iPhone XR. The price is going to be $699 for the 64GB storage model.

Apple changed the formula of the iPhone XR for the iPhone 11, but it has the same thickness which means it has the same grip to the iPhone 11. The colors being offered this year include midnight green, space gray, silver and gold. 

The camera has a new triple camera system, with an 12mp wide and ultra wide lenses. The 26 mm wide camera has f/1.8 aperture and includes a six element lens. It will include image stabilization along with a variety of other features.

The phones are upgraded to telephoto and wide angle lenses including 100% focus pixels. There is also a night mode used to  illuminate low-light photos, similar to the Google Pixel night sight feature.

The iPhone 11 is going to be the most eye catching phone to date because of how new it’s going to be. The phone is certainly different from previous models, but it has a wide variety of high-tech features offered.

Information compiled from Apple.com