Roper Recruits New Cheer Team

Olivia Song, Business Manager

The Winter Springs High School Cheer Team is an important aspect of the school. Cheer has been part of our school since 1997. Through the years, the cheer team has gone through multiple coaches, different community activities, and a ton of football games. The new Head Coach Danielle Roper, is making some new changes to the team like “incorporating more condition and more team bonding activities.” 

Maria Lowry is a sophomore on Junior Varsity. This is her first year on the team, Lowry wanted to join the team because she wanted to “have more school spirit and stay in shape” while still having fun. During the off season of cheer, you can find her at the track field. She is excited for this season to see improvement in her cheer skills. 

This year, Mrs. Roper has added two freshmen on the Varsity team. This usually never happens. One of those freshmen is Lily Knapp. Knapp has been cheering for Legacy Athletics for three years. For Lily cheer has been a passion of hers for 7 years and joined the Winter Springs High School cheer team for a new experience. Her favorite part being on the cheer team is the family she has started because of cheer.

Cheer is going to be an exciting year with many changes that have been implemented in the program.