JV Volleyball Wins Their Third Game in a Row

Allie Nichols, Copy Editor

The Winter Springs girls volleyball team warmed up and tried to show to the Seminole players and parents just how powerful they could be. Volleyballs flew all around the court as teammates passed to each other and occasionally hit the ball down so their partners had to get low. 

We were off to a good start as soon as the buzzer rang to cue the beginning of the first set. Number 6 was a good team player the entire time she was on the court, and freshman 3 carried over all her power from previous games. The crowd was small but full of energy. We cheered on our respective teams. Several amazing aces were served by number 12. The Seminole ladies were just not prepared for our especially athletic players. The score was home: 16, guest: 13 during the first timeout. Both teams’ girls were running everywhere to get to the ball. It was organized chaos. The girls talked to each other to go through all the stages of getting the ball ready for a hitter. We won the first set with triumph. 

We second set had some very high intensity moments from the very beginning. Almost every single girl had to dive at least once to save the ball. We had some close calls throughout all the commotion. At one of the timeouts, the score was home: 10, guest: 11. We trailed behind the Seminole team a little bit in the beginning, but we persevered through the set. The crowd cheered on our ladies with each play that went on. After a strong hit that was almost a kill from the outside player, we won the game- 25 to 23.

Freshman player, Lauren Klingenberg shared her thoughts on the team seeing that this is her first year. Klingenberg answered with “Very good. The girls have been very nice.” Other players shared how they felt after winning their third game. Player, Tiffany Brown, described her experience as “Exciting and intense.” Number 9, Sarah Curran, said with a wide smile on her face, “Pumped up, energetic, cloud nine.”