Seniors: Prepare for Graduation!

Seniors, its time to get ready for graduation!


Seniors, it’s time to get ready for graduation!

Rachel Casey and Mackenzie Grzesik

The new year has just begun, and students throughout Winter Springs High School are excited to begin the second half of the 2017-18 school year and, day by day, get closer to summer break. However, for seniors, this second half isn’t just the end of the school year but also their final semester of high school.

Graduation, which is Tuesday, May 22nd at 2pm in the CFE Arena, is quickly approaching for WSHS seniors. But to be able to actually walk at graduation, there are a few things which first need be checked off every senior’s to-do list, the most important of which is meeting graduation requirements.

A total of 26 credits are required to graduate high school in Seminole County.  At least four English credits, four math credits, four science credits, and three social studies credits are required for core classes. Nine elective credits are also required including one fine arts credit and one physical education credit of Personal Fitness and one other PE elective. A minimum GPA of 2.0 must also be maintained to walk the stage at graduation. Students must also receive a passing score on the Geometry, Algebra 2, Biology, and US History EOCs prior to graduation.

Second, seniors, if they haven’t already, should make sure to order their caps and gowns as soon as possible to ensure they receive everything in time for graduation. Caps and gowns for the class of 2018 can be purchased directly from the Herff Jones website. After creating an account, seniors must register themselves as students at Winter Springs before placing their order on both their caps and gowns and various graduation mementos. The link below goes directly to the Herff Jones main ordering page:

Finally, seniors must make sure to pay off any and all debt as, without paying, one cannot walk at graduation in the spring. High school debt can be accumulated many different ways, the obvious being failure to pay club and activity fees. However, students may also owe money for lost textbooks or class materials; the debt will be erased if said items are returned, but if still unreturned by the time the end of the school year rolls around, seniors will not be able to participate in the graduation festivities. If unsure about debt amount, standings can be checked in bookkeeping.

The end of senior year is filled with many activities and celebrations, such as Wednesday off-campus lunches and the highly anticipated senior picnic. In order to ensure full enjoyment of these perks and graduation, seniors must make sure to stay on top of their school work and responsibilities.