Freshman Advice

Freshman year is a time of change, so it is important to adhere to this advice.

Freshman year is a time of change, so it is important to adhere to this advice.

Madisen Byrd, Staff Writer

Growing up can be a hard thing to do and is truly a struggle for people. One learns some new things and regrets past decisions that can never be undone. Making the transition into high school from middle school can be difficult, but being prepared for what comes ahead can help you tremendously.

Making sure to do summer reading is a requirement when preparing for high school. Having supplies for classes and picking up textbooks early is also another thing a student should consider doing. Being organized with all the notebooks and binders in each of the classes an incoming student has is super important if one plans to be successful in high school. Making sure your GPA stays above a 2.5 is ideal in high school especially if you want to be on the road onto going into a good college; Signing up for classes is also important.  One can’t work themselves too hard when choosing them, so if a student ends up taking a class they don’t think they are capable of passing, the student can ask to change it  within the first three weeks of any class during the first quarter.

Getting all the credits for the year is also another important factor. When applying for colleges, they expect to see 28 credits on a student’s resume so making sure to have them on all one’s resume is crucial. When looking at one’s schedule one can look on the bottom and it will say how many credits one each class has all together. Making sure to get a good amount of them when taking classes for the semesters can help getting into top notch colleges and can also help colleges spot you from a mile away. Getting community service hours can also make a student look more dedicated to learning  than a person with no hours filled out on their resume. Usually, community service hour papers appear in the front office where a student can come get one and write the hours they’ve done on them along with a short essay talking about what you did to get them and how it helps your community.

Preparing for high school and even college can be a stressful thing to do but with proper tools and techniques it can be the easiest thing in the world. Talking to a trusted adult or family member can help plan out one’s future so get on it and start your future!